Manuela Aguirre



Hi. Hola. Bonjour. I'm Manuela.

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida, a vibrant and international city. I am half Argentinian and half Colombian and have been traveling internationally since I was an infant, which enabled me to be tri-lingual by the age of 6. The way I grew up opened my mind to different cultures, different perspectives, and most importantly, different lifestyles.  

I have always been interested in people. The way we interact with others. The way we go about our daily tasks. These are different for every person, but there is always a common foundation, spaces.

For me, interior design is the creation of livable art. I design spaces that will help individuals live their lives as best as they can. Spaces are meant to help further activities and grow relationships, not get in the way of them. Interior design is my way of helping others.

Other than interior design, I have a love for traveling, fruit, and dogs! I plan on seeing the world throughout my life and becoming more and more cultured along the way. In my spare time, expect to find me with my dog eating some fresh fruit!